Tuesday, December 8, 2015

12/8/2015 playlist for Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset "your program of progressive rock" 88.3FM, WBWC #626

Show name: ____Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset ____ December 8, 2015 / #626
Artist:                                                                 Song:
Genesis - "Harold the Barrel"
Genesis - "The Cinema Show"
Steve Hackett - "Love Song to a Vampire"
Steve Hackett - "Every Day (Live at Nottingham Central TV Station, October 1990)"
For Absent Friends - "Both Worlds"
Ossicles - "Girl With the Glass Eye"
Museo Rosenbach - "Zarathustra (Live in Tokyo)"
The Tea Club - "The White Book"
Eziak - "The War is Over!"
Marillion - "Neverland"
Thinking Plague - "Organism (Version II)"
Kayo Dot - "Offramp Cycle, Pattern 22"
M-Opus - "Different Skies"

program notes: New music by Ossicles, Eziak & M-Opus. Marillion announce 2016 North American Tour with a stop at the Hard Rock Rocksino on October 29, 2016. Recap of Steve Hackett's "Acolyte to Wolflight with Genesis Revisited" Tour at the Hard Rock Rocksino on December 4th.