Tuesday, November 3, 2015

11/3/2015 playlist for Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset "your program of progressive rock" 88.3FM, WBWC #622

Show name: ____Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset ____ November 3, 2015 / #622
Artist:                                                                 Song:
Genesis - "The Cinema Show / Aisle of Plenty"
The Tea Club - "The Magnet"
Non Credo - "Hair of Dog"
Steven Wilson - "Routine"
Sonar - "Critical Mass"
Steve Hackett - "Slot Machine"
Steve Hackett - "Love Song to a Vampire"
Starship Trooper - "Stormchaser"
The Kodiax - "The Resurrected"
Pendragon - "The Black Knight"
Le Rex - "Mr Richard Kiel"
Neo - "Sortie de Bain"
Tim Bowness - "At the End of the Holiday"
Morgan - "What is - is What"
Perfect Beings - "The Love Inside"
Karnataka - "Secrets of Angels"

program notes: New music by The Tea Club, Sonar, Starship Trooper, The Kodiax, Le Rex & Perfect Beings. Steven Wilson releases video for "Routine" from "Hand. Cannot. Erase".