Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10/20/2015 playlist for Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset "your program of progressive rock" 88.3FM, WBWC #620

Show name: ____Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset ____ October 20, 2015 / #620
Artist:                                                                 Song:
Genesis - "The Knife"
Dave Kernzer - "Redemption (Stranded part 6-10)"
Box of Shamans - "The Search"
Steve Hackett - "Love Song to a Vampire"
Annot Rhül  - "Leviathan Suite"
Annot Rhül  - "The Colour Out of Space"
Annot Rhül  - "Surya"
Annot Rhül  - "Distant Star"
Annot Rhül  - "The Mountains of Madness"
Annot Rhül  - "R'lyeh"
NeBeLNeST - "Pillars of Birth"
Bando - "Oruro"
Consider the Source - "Aquarians"
King Crimson - "Starless"
Unicorn - "Times of Change"
The Tangent - "Codpieces & Capes"

program notes: Genesis' album Trespass released 45 years ago this week. Preview of Consider the Source's upcoming show at The Bevy in Birdtown, Saturday, October 24th. Dave Kerzner announced for ROSfest 2016. Annot Rhül's 2014 album Leviathan featured in the "Vinyl Confessions" segement. Plus, Steve Hackett's new album WOLFLIGHT featured with a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Hard Rock Rocksino for his "From ACOLYTE to WOLFLIGHT with Genesis Revisited" tour.