Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4/29/2014 Playlist[s] for WBWC : Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset

Show name: ____Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset ____April 29, 2014 / #549
Artist:                                                                Song:
R O S f e s t  2 0 1 4  f e a t u r e  p r o g r a m
Genesis                                                              Dance on a Volcano
Clepsydra                                                          Tuesday Night
Caravan                                                             Memory Lain, Hugh / Headloss
Caravan                                                             This Time
Shadow Merchant                                             Alpha
Elephants of Scotland                                       Starboard
Sound of Contact                                             Möbius Slip
Thank You Scientist                                         My Famed Disappearing Act
Beardfish                                                          And the Stone Said: “If I Could Speak”
Beardfish                                                          As the Sun Sets / Into the Night
Fright Pig                                                          The Meaning of Dreams
Red Sand                                                          Children Memory
Subsignal                                                           The Trick is to Keep Breathing
Collage                                                              Moonshine
Collage                                                              Basnie