Friday, November 8, 2013

11/05/2013 Playlist[s] for WBWC : Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset

Show name: ____Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset ____November 5, 2013 / #529
Artist:                                                                Song:
David Myers                                                     Robbery, Assault & Battery
Genesis                                                              Submarine
Tides From Nebula                                           Only With Presence
H2O                                                                  H2O
Flying Colors                                                    Kayla (Live)
La Tulipe Noire                                                 Sinking Sun
Diagonal                                                            Hulks
Flash                                                                  Black and White (Live)
Vieux Carre                                                       Praz!
The Opium Cartel                                             When We Dream
Porcupine Tree                                                  Even Less (Extended Version)
Ananke                                                              Mirrors
Vy                                                                     Intro
Vy                                                                     Miedo a lo Desconocido
Camel                                                                Echoes
CFCF                                                               This Breath
Yes                                                                    Heart of the Sunrise
Ligro                                                                 Transparansi