Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10/22/2013 Playlist[s] for WBWC : Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset

Show name: ____Somewhere Between Sunrise And Sunset ____October 22, 2013 / #527
Artist:                                                                Song:
Genesis                                                              Domino
Tugs                                                                  Le colline di Ems
Dream Theater                                                  The Enemy Inside
Bando                                                               Oruro
Landberk                                                           The Tree
Arilyn                                                                A Man With a Mission
Unreal City                                                       Dell’innocenza perduta
Interview with Federico Bedostri of Unreal City
Unreal City                                                       Catabasi
Airbag                                                               Call Me Back
Nik Turner                                                         Anti-Matter
Camel                                                                Song Within a Song
Imanissimo                                                        Happiness and Sadness
Crayon Phase                                                    Moments
Peter Gabriel                                                     Digging in the Dirt
October Equus                                                              Erosive Forces of Wind and Water
simakDialog                                                      For Once and Never
Blue Cranes                                                       Beautiful Winners
Soft Machine                                                    Nettle Bed
Steven Wilson                                                   The Pin Drop