Thursday, September 22, 2011

09/20/2011 Playlist[s] for WBWC : Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset

Show name: ____Somewhere Between Sunrise And Sunset ____September 20, 2011 #419
Artist:                                                                Song:
Genesis                                                              The Battle of Epping Forest
Dag Swanö                                                       Promenad med mig själv
Greylevel                                                           Signals
Gentle Giant                                                     The Advent of Panurge
Gentle Giant                                                     River
Gentle Giant                                                     Prologue
Gentle Giant                                                     Three Friends
Dream Theater                                                  Outcry
After the Fall                                                    It All Flows to the Sea
Katatonia                                                          Idle Blood
Opeth                                                                Häxprocess
Pallas                                                                 Monster
Ange                                                                 Le cimetière des Arlequins
Ritual                                                                Coming home
Zen Rock and Roll                                            At First Glance
White Willow                                                    Red Leaves
Nightingale                                                       Remorse and Regret
Pazop                                                                Swaying Fire
Afuche                                                                          Pablo Leon
Dracma                                                              Inner Castle
Advent                                                                          Your Healing Hand