Monday, July 18, 2011

Tune in Tonight!

Tune in Tonight, July 19th as Dan Swanö returns as guest-host. Fresh off the OhioProg 2012 announcement, Dan Swanö will guest-host another Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset program. Dan first hosted the show in 2005 playing some of his favorite progressive, symphonic and pomp rock tunes. Set to air Tuesday, July 19, 2011, Dan will this time sit down with his iPod on shuffle. You certainly will not know what to expect. There could be lots of cool little gems in there, and there could be lots of unexpected tracks you would only hear with an iPod on shuffle. Of course all of them will be among his most favorite tracks. We are glad to welcome Dan back to the show as a guest-host and hope you will be able to tune into this exclusive event. Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset airs Tuesday nights starting at 10:00PM (EST) locally on the dial at 88.3FM, and worldwide from anywhere in the world online.