Wednesday, April 20, 2011

04/19/2011 Playlist[s] for WBWC : Somewhere Between Sunrise & Sunset

Show name: ____Somewhere Between Sunrise And Sunset ____April 19, 2011 #398
Artist:                                                                Song:
Genesis                                                              Burning Rope
Moon Safari                                                      A Kid Called Panic
Mist Season                                                       Puppet on a Chain
King Crimson                                                    Frame by Frame
Beware of Safety                                              Cut Into Stars
Nightingale                                                       The Fields of Life
arK                                                                    Eighth Deadly Sin
Beardfish                                                          …And the Stone Said: “If I Could Speak”
earthbreather                                                     Mirror of Ise
Introitus                                                            Restless
Rush                                                                  Vital Signs
Syd Barrett                                                       She Took a Long Cold Look
Pinback                                                             Microtonic Wave
Arena                                                                Climbing the Net
SLP                                                                   Rising Moon
Opeth                                                                The Throat of Winter
Gutbucket                                                         Zero is Short for Idiot
Jethro Tull                                                         Aqualung
Symphony X                                                     Accolade II
Puppet Show                                                     The Seven Gentle Spirits