Saturday, January 2, 2010

SBtwS&S news 1/2/2010

the latest news from Kinetic Element, posted on their mailing list

Hi everyone,
I just want to invite you to look us up on Facebook and "friend" us. See, that proves I am cool, I can use "friend" as a verb.LOL!
Just fit, and put Kinetic Element in the search. I will recognize you and accept you as our friend, which in fact you already are.

ALSO, we're pretty excited that Kinetic Element's "Powered by Light" made Delicious Agony DJ Rick & Roll's list of the top 50 progressive rock CDs of 2009. The others on his list are all awesome. We're excited. Did I say that already?

Thanks much! and Happy New Year.
Mike Visaggio
Kinetic Element

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