Friday, January 1, 2010

SBtwS&S news, 1/1/2010

the latest news from God is An Astronaut, posted

So another year almost over and we are still alive and kicking, actually in fact this has been are most successful time ever! Thanks to you all of our fans. I guess music is somewhat recession proof. Its been just over 13 months since our last Album release but since then we've played a lot of shows all over the world most of them sold out, playing to an estimated 30,000 fans. We also passed the 100,000 combined record sales mark, even broke into the top 90 artists of the year and played to a few million people live on Turkish TV!

So we have been busy upgrading our Studio for the last couple of weeks, we finally finished the upgrade last week to the new Pro Tools HD3 system. For you recording techie types we can record 64 simultaneous tracks of audio and playback 196 tracks, plus endless midi options and an obscene amount of plugins and yes it's more than we could ever use.

We also are currently upgrading the live show to the new Digidesign venue system so we can have the best live sound possible, it's a similar system to what NIN was using recently. We are the first band in Ireland to buy the new SC48 live mixing console. Thanks to everyone in Big Bear Sound for all their help in both the studio and live!

We will be testing out the new live system and show in the Roisin Dubh in Glaway on January 15th and will have it for all our ground tours from now on. Will there be any other big changes? I guess you will have to come and see.

Unfortunately all this has delayed the new album quite a bit, we have written most of the songs and recorded half of them, we should have a new single in February or there about and reveal the new album artwork in March. But it looks like we will only have it finished and released by Summer 2010.

As for Touring, we will be back on the road in February in the U.K. and Ireland, more shows in March/April/May but depending on how the new album is progressing, the album will take priority over touring. We will be back to mainland Europe and the USA in Autumn to promote the new album. It's a long way off but we are planning to put the US tour together with both Caspian and Irepress. We have just signed a worldwide deal with The Agency Group, one of the worlds biggest live booking agents.

Here is the upcoming live shows so far for 2010:

15 Jan 2010 8:30P Roisin Dubh Galway, Ireland - Tickets
16 Feb 2010 7:00P Corporation, Sheffield, U.K. - Tickets
17 Feb 2010 8:00P ICA, London, U.K. - Tickets
18 Feb 2010 8:00P Sumo, Leicester, U.K. - Tickets
19 Feb 2010 (Free! if anyone wants to book us, contact rich(AT)sleepsoundagency . com
20 Feb 2010 7:30P Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, U.K. - Tickets
21 Feb 2010 7:30P Islington Mill, Manchester, U.K.
22 Feb 2010 7:00P Bongo Club Edinburgh, Scotland
23 Feb 2010 7:00P Oran Mor Glasgow, Scotland - Tickets
26 Feb 2010 7:30P The Academy, Dublin, Ireland - Tickets

Also the new "Butterfly Explosion" record "Lost Trails" which Torsten produced will be available from February, check out some the new songs on their myspace now. They will be playing with us on all our upcoming shows.

So that's it for now. Happy New Year to Everyone!